The Top 10 Reasons to Use The Best Way Websites Website Builder and Content Management System for Your Small Business Website

Best Website Builder for Small Businesses


By A1 Small Business Marketing

A1 Small Business Marketing built it's site using the Best Way Websites website generator (website builder) and content management system (CMS) and conducted interviews with some of the company's management and development staff in order to write the following article to promote their services.

If you’re a small business owner who is always striving to be at the top of your game, you probably always feel that you've got a lot to do. The competition in just about every industry is incredibly tough and once a business steps foot into the on-line world, everything gets escalated.

Using a website generator (commonly referred to as a website builder) is an option that many smaller business owners today find attractive.

  • Best Way Websites is an easy to use website building generator and content management system.
  • It is available for "DIY" (Do it Yourself) or "NYP" (name your price).

Hiring someone to build and upgrade your business website and design a user-friendly theme for your site is always an option as well. This enables you to focus on other things that are obstructing the growth of your business while a professional sorts out the company’s strategic marketing.

The convenience of delegating website management to a reliable expert who understands the importance of “good, readable” content is unmatched.

Here, we offer you The Top Ten Reasons why we believe you should consider using the Best Way Websites' website building generator to transform your small business website into an online powerhouse for your company.

(1) Satisfying Results

We list this first and foremost because nothing else really matters if you don't get the results that you need for your website.  If you are using Best Way Websites, whether you are using the Do it Yourself Site Builder or taking advantage of the Best Way Websites Name Your Price program, the resulting website will conform to common, contemporary conventions, include great on-site SEO and will be 100% mobile responsive, and all at a price that makes sense.

Responsive, Tech Savvy Design

Your business instantly gets an edge over its competitors when it’s designed to be compatible with smart phone technology.  (This is called mobile-friendly or responsive website design)

An increasing number of users have entirely switched to their mobiles (pads and phones) for on line surfing. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you will lose your audience. A pro website builder, using a responsive design technology can quickly help you achieve a mobile-responsive website.

Superior for on-page SEO - Unmatched!

The Best Way Websites website builder uses built-in macros that result in pages that are well-developed for on-site SEO.  All you have to do is follow the instructions for naming your pages and adjusting your navigation tab name for the page.  Then fill in the balance of the page and publish it.  It will be properly optimized for search engines.

A ROI (Return on Investment) that Will Make You Smile

Your subscription to the Best Way Websites service (starting as low as $15/mo) gives you 24/7 access to the Website Builder (Content Management System or CMS) and includes a free domain name and a free, business class hosting account, too.

If your site is properly developed and marketed, Best Way Websites insists that it should ALWAYS result in a measurable and satisfying ROI.  We agree.

Best Way Websites will work with you to try and ensure that you neither under invest or over invest in your website development and internet marketing.  If you overspend, you're likely to experience a net loss.  However, this can happen if you underspend as well.  You must invest properly to get the returns that you expect and not waste your money.

Best Way Websites will help you learn how to invest your website marketing dollars wisely and track the results to know that your site is making you money.  It should be an asset, NOT a liability!

(2) Reliable, Business Class Hosting

Best Way Websites has a dedicated server administration department that routinely monitors server loads.  To guarantee performance, server loads are carefully watched and never allowed to exceed levels that result in poor load times and unacceptable service functions for clients.

Best Way Websites does NOT overload it servers.  They want to make sure that if client's sites are not performing well (as it relates to their sites loading) that this is NOT due to the server's ability to deliver.  Load times may be impacted by the quality of a user's internet, however, which remains outside of the control of Best Way Websites.

(3) Common Sense Support

Most of the users of Best Way Websites subscribe to a plan that provides them with unlimited, direct phone support from the company.  The corporate headquarters are in Port Angeles, Washington and is supported from there.

Every customer gets support via: screen-activated videos, the user guide and a built-in ticket system - even at the entry level of $15/mo.  The company encourages users with subscriptions that include phone support to use it whenever they can.

Customer support is never outsourced to another company, with 100% understandable English 100% of the time.

(4) Ease of Use

You decide if you want to build your site yourself (DIY) or name your price (NYP) and have a Best Way Websites Certified Technician build your website for you.

Do it Yourself (DIY) Website Building

Is Best Way Websites the easiest website builder?  Most of their clients that have switched from Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy and others think so.  Is Best Way Websites the best website builder?  Most of their clients that have switched from Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy and others think so.

The Best Way Websites builder (CMS) is intuitive but it also includes video tutorials for each screen visited, adding to ease of use.  These videos provide on-the-spot, step by step, audio-visual help that is super easy to follow.

Whenever it makes sense, drag and drop features are included.  Any time the use of such a function would result in a weighty HTML being published to the user's site, it is not used.  The reason for this is the developers NEVER want anything to interfere with SEO results.

Some experts only offer services to build your website upon taking instructions. If you wish to build a website on your own but are struggling with the cryptic codes and technicalities, what you need is a website builder that also offers a DIY user-friendly solution.  Best Way Websites is that solution.

Do it Yourself (DIY) Webmastering

Small Business Owners that have not been successful using other website editors or competitor's platforms discover that they can successfully become their own webmasters using Best Way Websites.  The company explained it this way:

"When we rolled out version one for a beta test in 2004, it was released as a DIY website builder.  We are quite sure it was the absolute best on the market anywhere in the world at that time, and we resisted offers to sell to other companies.  However, in our test market, we were not successful selling our program.  After the first year, we began to offer to do the initial website build for our clients and then they could take over the maintaining of their sites with our support.  That worked.  It did not matter that our program was easy to use and our target could have easily built their own sites ... because they DID NOT WANT to.

We learned a great lesson which is this: If you want to make money, sell something that your target wants to buy."

Powerful Plugins and Widgets

It is a snap to incorporate rich content into your site using Best Way Websites.  You can easily create slide shows, embed videos and more.

Themes also avail users of the ability to add site wide content widgets areas to embed third party content.

(5) Best Value for Small Business Budgets

You can find some companies that will offer services for less money and a lot of companies that will cost more, but we think Best Way Websites will provide the best VALUE for your small business budget.

Name Your Price (NYP) Custom Website Development

Yes!  It is exactly as it sounds.  Best Way Websites is leading the way with this NYP program.  You tell them what you want to spend and they will show you a website demo based upon the price you are willing to pay for your site.

It was explained to us in this way:

"At Best Way Websites, we don't sell a pig in a poke.  If someone is paying us to create their websites, we start with a phone consult and interview them.  We gather enough details to get a good handle on what they want and we talk to them about their budget.  Then, we build their custom website demo for review.  We NEVER ask for a credit card up front and we NEVER send a bill for these website demos or mockups.  Once they see the demo, they decide if they want to buy it.  They have already given us their budget, so we know what they are wanting to spend.  If we have done a good job, they buy it."

It is difficult to conceive of a more customer-friendly way of doing business!

  • If you like it, you buy it.
  • If you don't like it, you don't buy it.  (And you owe them nothing!)

Why?  Because it works!

  • You have a zero risk way of SEEING your site before you buy it.
  • They get the opportunity to win your business.

Custom Website Development starts at just $100!

Tag Team Website Development

Want a great way to get a nice site built for you and save money, too?

You can pay Best Way Websites to do the initial website build for you - as much as you want and then you can take over from there to complete and maintain your site with their excellent support.  If that will work for you, then it will work for them!

Subscription Bundles Starting at Just $15/mo

You don't need to pay anything until you are ready to publish your site to your domain name.  Registration is free and you may take as much time as you want building your own website.  Subscription bundles include different functions and additional internet marketing offerings, ranging from $15/mo to $1,000/mo.

You can look through the differences in service levels and choose the one that matches your needs and pay only for what you want and need.

(6)  The Most Flexible and Secure Theme-Based Development

Best Way Websites uses 100% mobile-responsive themes that are highly customizable.  What can you do if you are using the Best Way Websites Website Builder?  Anything!  You have full control of images in the background, foreground and layout of contents.

You can customize your style sheet, too, albeit, you'll need some idea of how CSS works - there is a document for this in the User Guide as well as a video tutorial.  In most cases, it is our belief that it is better to have a pro do this for you, unless you understand CSS.

Your Website Gets a Custom Look

Instead of settling for pre-set website templates (that most small business owners dislike), here, you have the benefit of controlling your desired "website look and feel" down to the very smallest detail. This is a great advantage for small businesses as they usually tackle a particular niche and require a personalized website design to attract their audience.

Stock Images or Custom Images

There is a library of stock images that are free to use and you can easily upload your own images into your own image library as well.  Then, you may use them on any of your pages or powerful plug-ins such as a home page "slider", photo galleries and more.

Best Way Website's Themes are Secure!

Best Way Website themes are secure because every aspect of the themes and all available plugins and widgets have been developed by the company.  Best Way Websites does not incorporate third party plugins - so you won't be plagued with hacks and other problematic issues common to services such as Wordpress.

"We get contacted often by people whose sites have been hacked or compromised in some way.  This almost always due to some weakness (and sometimes purposefully) in the site's code or some third party plugin being used.  We eliminate this threat by our commitment to develop all of our builder's plugins and widgets ourselves."

If you have a need that cannot be met using one of the core themes that are currently available to users, you may submit a ticket requesting a new one that will work for you.  The company will create a one and add it to the inventory.  All themes are available to all users without cost!

Best Way Website's Clients Websites are Secure!

Best Way Websites provides a free security certificate for every site that they host.  The free security certs are intended for the following purposes:

  • Ensures the identity of a remote computer
  • Proves your identity to a remote computer
  • Protects e-mail messages
  • Ensures software came from software publisher
  • Protects software from alteration after publication
  • Allows data to be signed with the current time
  • Allows data on disk to be encrypted
  • Allows secure communication on the Internet
  • All issuance policies

(7)  Users Own the Copyright to their Contents!

It is truly unfortunate to have to point this out, because we believe this should always be true.  However, many website development companies and programs will print their own name as the copyright owner of the site, which means what it looks like: they own the copyright to your site!

With Best Way Websites, your company name and/or your name is anchored to the bottom of each page.   You own your website!  You can zip up your website and download a complete copy of it anytime and take it to another website host if you want!  We really loved this because this demonstrates that Best Way Websites is not concerned about losing their clients.

When we asked them about this, they told us that they believe they should keep their clients only as long as their clients wanted to stay with them. 

"If a client wants to fire us and take their service somewhere else, then we must have failed them in some way.  They should not be punished and we wish them well."

The only exception to this is if you have an unpaid balance, which makes perfect sense.  If your account is current, no problem.

(8)  You Can Fire Best Way Websites without Hurting Yourself

Best Way Websites is truly unique in this regard.

Websites built using the program exist separately from the program. If a user stops using the program, their websites will work without it and may be edited using other software.

The Hosting Server is Separate from the Production Server

When you edit your website using Best Way Websites, you are logged in to their production server.  When you publish your website using Best Way Websites, it connects to a completely separate server via FTP and your site is distributed to the world wide web via the hosting server.  If the production server ever goes down, your website stays up.

So, your website contents "lives" on the Best Way Websites production server in your accounts database, but when it comes to your website visitors SEEING your website, it is from the separate hosting server.  Your site could be direct edited using another program, and there are dozens of such programs available free or for a small price that you could use if you wanted to.  You probably WON'T, but the thing we are stressing here is that you COULD.

  • EVERY OTHER PROGRAM AVAILABLE that we have tested will not allow you to maintain your site unless you continue to use their program.

We asked them why they decided to create the Best Way Websites platform this way, and here is their answer:

"We made a decision to love our neighbors.  We wanted to create a program that operated in the best interest of our clients.  We really believe "our way is the best way" because it is best for our clients, NOT for our company.  Doing things the way we have actually more than doubles the required infrastructure, resources and complexity of the program that we must maintain.  We have done it this way because it is the right way to do it when you are putting the clients you serve first.

Our competitors are mostly publicly traded and they have got to work as lean as possible to return dividends to shareholders.  So, keeping their costs down is a constant pressure upon them.  Best Way Websites is employee owned and operated.  We don't have to worry about investors or shareholders.  We worry about keeping our client's costs down, but we don't have the same pressures to control costs on the company's side."

In this way, companies "close the back door" in order to stop attrition.  Their hope is that if users discover that they will be hurting themselves by moving, then they will stay.  This may work sometimes, but that does not make it ethical.

Best Way Websites is determined to do business ethically, not just legally. 

"Just because something is lawful, it doesn't make it right.  We want to do the right thing by our customers.  If they choose to fire us, then we hope that they will succeed somewhere else.  We don't hold grudges."

(9)  Great for Small or Large Content Sites

Best Way Websites has themes that work beautifully for small sites - they've even got a theme for sales pages (1 page websites).  They also have themes that work well for large content sites that need dozens or even hundreds of pages.

The CMS enables users to find pages by using the search function in the pages editor.  It is a great tool for larger content sites.

Users with Multiple Sites and Assistants

Another great benefit of the Best Way Websites back end is the ability for website owners to add managers and control their access within the CMS.  Users that have more than one website can access all of them via a single login.

(10) Registration is Free and the Site Builder is Free to Use

You may register free, no credit card needed.

To complete the registration, a user completes their personal profile and business profile.  There is no place even provided to enter billing information, because registering and using the website builder is FREE!

Once you've completed your business profile, a popup asks you if you'd like a free phone consult.  If you do, then you can request a day and time and a Best Way Websites Certified Technician will call you back on your requested day and time.

If you want to build your own site, you continue following the prompts.  If you don't want to build your own site, wait on the call back you've requested or call Best Way Websites yourself anytime it is good for you.  (877-901-0246)

When Do You Need to Pay?

A subscription needs to be purchased when you are ready to publish your website to your domain.

  • Subscription bundles start at just $15/mo
  • they include a free domain and a free hosting account



by A1 Small Business Marketing 

Best Way Websites is an Easy Website Building and CMS (Content Management System) created for small businesses,
enabling them to easily, effectively and affordably manage their websites.