The Small Business Website Self Evaluation Guide

The Best Way Websites Small Business Self-evaluation Guide has been written by Best Way Websites to help local, small business owners know what it means to have a properly developed, working website.

It was first published in 2009 and was most recently updated in 2017.

The Small Business
Website Self-Evaluation Guide

“A WebAbilities Checkup”

The following ten “webabilities” are not necessarily listed in order of importance, — they ALL need to be incorporated into your website. You may grade your own website, or ask someone else to grade it for you, or both.

This guide is neither exhaustive nor complete, but if you will take the steps to ensure that each of these ten “webabilities” are working on your website, then your website will be working better for you!

1) Is Your Website VALUABLE?
2) Is Your Website DEPENDABLE?
3) Is Your Website USEABLE?
4) Is Your Website BELIEVABLE?
5) Is Your Website FINDABLE?
6) Is Your Website SCANABLE?
7) Is Your Website READABLE?
8) Is Your Website RESPONSABLE?
9) Is Your Website PERSONABLE?
10) Is Your Website PROFITABLE?

The guide is copyrighted by Best Way Websites, but you may print a copy for yourself as well as other copies without restriction as long as they are distributed freely and the document remains unedited or unaltered by you.

Request the guide via our general contact form and you will receive a link via email that will enable you to download the guide in a PDF format.  

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