Professional Reviews Management Programs

Professional Reviews Management Programs

Get Control of the Reviews Process with Locals.Reviews!

We have acquired a license to embed Locals.Reviews into the Best Way Websites CMS Platform!

Professional Feedback and Reviews Platform

The Basics of How Locals.Reviews Works:

  1. Anyone may leave FEEDBACK for you.  They don't even need an email address.
  2. Anyone may leave FEEDBACK multiple times.
  3. Their FEEDBACK does NOT automatically post.  
  4. You get notified by email and text when you receive new FEEDBACK.
  5. You read the FEEDBACK and decide if you want it posted as a REVIEW.
  6. The platform enables you to automatically LINK to other reviews platforms after you receive positive feedback from your customers.  YOU control this, too!
  7. You may customize two questions in your CUSTOM form.
This service is included for anyone on service level 2 ($25/mo) or higher.
  • $0 Setup
  • $25 Monthly


  • Local Feedback Badge
  • Custom Feedback Form (utilizes NPS)
  • Customized Reviews Page (you select Reviews sites)
  • Automated Reviews Composite Score
  • Reviews Widget (1 snippet of code displays reviews on your site with correct Schema Markup)

Customers Give Feedback

The customer is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your business to a friend and to comment on their experience. This rating process helps form your Net Promoter Score, a key indicator and data point to your business and customer relationship.

Testimonial Widget For Your Website

Our testimonial widget makes displaying powerful customer testimonials on your website easy. Just copy and paste the widget code into any page or section of your website and you have fresh, relevant and valuable content from your customers on your website.

Encourage Online Reviews

Customers that rate you at or above your selected “positive rating” will then be asked to rate you on one of the 3rd party review sites you have selected.

Review Monitoring & Reporting

With Local's Reviews you truly have one platform to manage your online review reputation. Your business benefits from multiple levels of feedback, encouragement of positive online reviews and an easy to manage dashboard whether you run just 1 or 1,000 locations.

Local's Reviews is a complete solution loaded with customizable features to help you successfully manage your business customer feedback and online reviews.

Platform Features

Complete Platform




Feedback Entry Points

Local's Reviews offers multiple methods to acquire your customers feedback and information.  Employ one or multiple methods to achieve the best results.

Single or Bulk Email

SMS / Text

Tablet & iPad Kiosk Mode

API Integration

Customer Feedback

Local's Reviews brings multiple levels of feedback from your customers into our platform allowing you to gather, evaluate, measure and market your customer’s experiences.

Net Promoter Score

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial Widget

Online Reviews

Reporting & Monitoring

Local's Reviews offers feedback notifications, review monitoring and platform reporting to help you analyze your customer feedback and online reputation.

NPS Reporting

Review Monitoring


Negative Alerts

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