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We're sorry that you've discovered a website using the Best Way Websites website builder and CMS that is in violation of our Terms of Service and we are grateful that you would take the time to report it to us so we can take appropriate action.

Please review our policy regarding TOS abuse complaints:

  1. Our Terms Of Service lists the reasons for which we may remove a site as we deem it necessary and prudent. Regardless, we are not constrained by these terms to remove all sites that do not comply.
  2. For reasons of privacy, we cannot provide personal information on our customers, including email address(es) or IP address(es), or other.
  3. Best Way Websites is a provider of an interactive computer service, and is therefore protected from liability of all content posted by our users by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. (Learn About Section 230 here)  We are therefore unable to edit or judge content posted by our users, or we risk losing our protections.
  4. Requests by authorized governmental agencies or police departments that are investigating cases may call us or email us at We will comply as best as we can with all authoritative investigations.   
  5. If you are NOT an officer of the law or authorized agent of the US Government and would like to have a site removed or obtain personally identifying information about a Best Way Websites user, you must do the following:
    1) file a John Doe lawsuit against the user
    2) obtain a Court Order
    3) Have the Court Order delivered to: Best Way Websites, 834 East Front Street, Port Angeles, WA  98362.

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