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The Best Way Websites search function makes it easy for you to provide your own "Search My Site" tool.  

You do not need for a cumbersome, ad saturated third party program anymore!

Install it in just a few seconds after completing 3 form fields to customize your search!

How Our Search Function Works

The Best Way Websites Search Function crawls your site, indexing the following:

  1. Your Pages' Titles
  2. Your Pages' Keywords
  3. Your Pages' Descriptions

It returns a list of all pages on your website that contains the searcher's keywords in any of the three above.

Why We Don't Search Your Pages' Body

  1. If we included the body section of your website in the search, the search results would simply be too numerous and less relevant for the searcher.
  2. Searching only Titles, Keywords and Descriptions enable you to control which pages are indexed by particular keyword queries.

See above and give it a try for Best Way Websites.

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