Our Tag Team Website Development Plan

Our Tag Team Website Development Plan

What is Tag Team Website Development?

It's teamwork.  There are two companies on this team: Best Way Websites and Your Company.  We don't simply provide a program and then wish you good luck.  We work with you.

How Our Tag Team Plan Got Started

We've been in the website development and internet marketing business, under the same ownership and leadership since the year 1998 - so we are "early adopters" to internet marketing for small businesses.

First Generation Website Builder Roll Out

We launched the first generation of our website builder in 2004.  It was truly the "cutting edge" website builder of it's day.  Business owners could create a free account, choose a template and build their own websites, with hundreds of templates and colors to choose from.

But We Had a Problem

Our target (smaller business owners) were not all that interested in building their own sites.  They were fine with providing the "run of the mill" content - editing and adding text and uploading and adding new photos, but they had zero interest in making their layout and design elements.  

So We Changed

We offered to do the initial website build for them - as much as they wanted and then they would take over from there and maintain their sites with our excellent support.  That worked for them! Since it worked for them, it worked for us.

How Do You Get Started?

Just tap on the button below, complete your personal profile and business profile and then request your free phone consult whenever it is good for you - 24/7!

When you complete your business profile, a window will pop up that you may use to setup a time for us to call you back.

You may also call us toll free anytime, 24/7.  877-901-0246

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